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Hendricks County, Indiana, March 23, 2012:   Networking In Indiana is a networking event that is held on a quarterly basis to “Build Bridges for Better Business” (www.NetworkingInIndiana.com) The upcoming business after hours event will be held on April 24th, 2012 at The Crown Room located in Brownsburg from 5:30 pm to 8:30pm. The event will offer both open networking and speed networking opportunities.

Networking In Indiana has partnered with some great sponsors to make this event an incredible one. They are proud to announce that the Hendricks County Business Leader, ITEX Trade Exchange, The Crown Room, Gold Star Referral Clubs of Hendricks County, Today’s Virtual Services and Money Mailer of Indy West have all joined Networking In Indiana for this event! “We are thrilled to be partnered with Networking In Indiana and to encourage cross networking through out Hendricks County”, said Mike Schaeffer of Money Mailer Indy West. “Gold Star of Hendricks County is excited to be involved in this event! We believe it is important to network with other networking groups to help grow the local economy and business”, said Gold Star Referral Clubs Director, Chris Homko. Networking In Indiana welcomes networkers from any networking group and business! “We are hosting this event so that networks can cross network! Everyone is welcome”, said Becky Homko, Today’s Virtual Services.

Networking In Indiana will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Hendricks County Professional Business Women’s Association (www.HCPBWA.com) Scholarship Fund. This fund is awarded to Hendricks County high school seniors and adults that will be starting or returning to school. Last year the group was able to provide three $500 scholarships and this year is scheduled to provide three $1000 scholarships.

Networking In Indiana will hosting additional events through out Indianapolis area. The next event will be held in the Castleton area, then will move to the South side and end the series downtown. If you are interested in learning more about any of the event or becoming a sponsor please contact Today’s Virtual Services at 317-563-1360 or www.TodaysVirtualSerivces.com .  Networking in Indiana Business After Hour tickets are available online at www.NetworkingInIndiana.com.


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Business Giving After Dark

Indianapolis, IN– Many small businesses have challenges, but one of the most frequent is how do I grow my business locally and on a small budget. This is a challenge that can be conquered by attending networking events. This is not a new concept: networking is more than just meeting and passing cards. Networking is also the art of giving to one another. Many people think networking is about collecting business cards and making sales. That is not the case. The best networking is when a relationship between you and the other person have been established. “While networking is typically is viewed as a low-cost option for marketing, it does require a great deal of discipline and hard work to build the kind of business opportunities one desires.” said Ron Sukenick, Relationship Strategies Institute and Gold Star Regional Director.
Based on the idea of building relationships, supporting local business and economy, we are proud to announce the 5th in the series of 6 networking events! Business Giving After Dark will be held July 28th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at The Venue Conference Center. The Venue is located at 5110 W. Pike Plaza Road, Indianapolis. This event has brought 6 different organizations together to network and build relationships: Business Women Connect, Zionsville Chamber of Commerce, Gold Star Referral Groups, Franklin Township Chamber of Commerce, Lafayette Square Coalition, and the Indiana State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. , “We are thrilled to announce the partnership with all of these great groups. We look forward to the largest networking event yet!” Ron Sukenick, “Indiana State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is excited to connect with others in both our local and extended local area through this event”. Russ Dodge, Board Member
Everyone is welcome across Indianapolis to attend this event. “It is a pleasure to be hosting this event at The Venue; we want to help connect businesses and grow our local economy. What a great opportunity to connect.” John Schaeffer, The Venue Conference Center and IPA Productions. Come out and share your business and learn about other local businesses. If you are interested in learning more about this event you can find complete details and tickets at http://www.BusinessGivingEvents.com .

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Comcast’s Hoosier TV and Business Women Connect President, Linda Rendleman invite you to enjoy 10 national touring professional comedians as they kick-off  the 3rd season of Hoosier TV’s “Who’s Laughing Now”, an XFINITY on demand stand-up comedy series.  Be part of the live TV taping audience at Morty’s Comedy Joint (3625 E 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240) on Wednesday, June 8th.

Founded and created in 2001 by Linda Rendleman, Business Women Connect is a company with the mission of developing business and professional women through mentoring, connections and resources. As an online business women’s networking company and reference for business and professional women, Business Women Connect has developed as an award-winning global networking site.  Named the number one Networking Company in Central Indiana three years in a row by the Indianapolis Business Journal, Linda Rendleman has developed Business Women Connect’s  philosophy for global outreach.  www.businesswomenconnect.com.

“When woman laugh out loud, the world is always a better place!” says event director and co-producer, Ron Sukenick.

The 10 comedians performing are Jule Scoggins (from the movie Coming Attraction starring Pat    Morita, Michael Winslow, Dennis Rodman and Jackie Martling) Kay Frances (America‘s Funniest   Stress Buster), Zan Aufderheide (Star of Chonda Pierce’s This Ain’t Prettyville Tour), Emily    Galati (TV’s “The Comedy Thrift Store” and “Funny Sundaes.”), Abi Harrison (Star of Utah’s HUMORU!) and the TV taping also stars Spanky Brown (Comedy central, XM Sirius), Troy Davis (Comcast and ESPN radio), Kent Rader (America’s Cleaniest Comedian and Speaker) and Marques Bunn (Fox TV and Bob & Tom).

“This by far is the strongest line-up of comedians we ever taping for the show!” says Who’s Laughing  Now creator and producer, Mark Craycraft.

Look for the finished programs to be available at Comcast On Demand.  Comcast comedy fans can go to On Demand, then select Hoosier TV, then select ENTERTAINMENT-COMEDY to access Who’s  Laughing Now?. Who’s Laughing Now? is available to digital cable subscribers at no extra charge.

Based on the book, Women Like Us: Real Stories and Strategies for Living Your Best Life, by Linda  Rendleman, an inspirational tea and speaker series was created by Linda and Dr. Sally Brown Bassett  to expand on the theme of the common threads which run through women’s lives. Our stories are singular, but our passions are shared. After the initial success, the Women Like Us Foundation was  created to inspire and empower women and under-served girls to make a difference globally and locally.  www.womenlikeusfoundation.org.

Admission is $40 per person and includes cocktails/beverages. A portion of the event proceeds benefit the Women Like Us Foundation. Buy your tickets today at www.BUSINESSWOMENCONNECT.com

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This is a question that I get quite often, so I wanted to share just a few of the answers here in my blog.

As an assistant we can do a variety of things, but our most important job is to help you make money. That is really the main goal at Today‘s Consulting. We realize that it takes time to cultivate relationships with your future and present clients. This is time that does not always immediately produce income. At Today’s Consulting, we help you with those tasks so you can be out producing the income. Think of a virtual assistant as a another player on your team.  Why do you hire a lawyer? Probably because it is less expensive to pay them for their time then to go and research the information or procedures yourself.

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs are trying to use their money wisely.  One way that they can do this is by partnering with a marketing or virtual assistant.  It takes time to send cards, post messages online, keep up to date with trends and more. Now these are all things that an owner or manager can do, but is it time well spent? Most of the time, no.  If that same person was out speaking to customers and potential clients they would be more profitable.  There are many great items that are free to use for marketing; the only cost is your time. Sometimes time is the biggest cost that you are not aware of.  This is something that is often overlooked by those who are looking too closely at their pennies. What is the old saying “Penny wise but dollar foolish”!

We also need to be selling to grow our business. I know that this is vital to me and many other businesses.  That is why it is important to hire someone who understands you and your business needs.  So what can a marketing and virtual assistant do for you? We can help you in a variety of ways. We could write a whole long list of items, but it is best to have a conversation to help identify the areas that someone may need support. However I will give you a few ideas below.

  • Thank you cards, Greeting Cards, Holiday Cards– How many times have you wanted to send something after meeting someone.  Let’s not forget about those personal occasions that seem to sneak up on us. We can help.
  • Contact ManagementHow many of you have a business card file book and/or stacks of businesses lying around you office waiting to be organized. We can help.
  • Small or Large Projects How about the mailing you want to get done, but never seem to get all the details together, quotes, etc.
  • Event Planner You have wanted to do a customer appreciation or maybe a grand opening celebration.  We can help.
  • Social Media We all know that there are some great resources for social media, but do you have time to keep up with the trends, technology or just posting in general? We can help.
  • Website – Your business does not have a website or maybe one that needs updated information posted. We can help.
  • Press Releases/Media – Do you have a new product or service? Have you done some great things in your community? People want to know. We can help.

These are just a few of the areas we can help. So call and find out how a marketing and virtual assistant can help you make more money and have a successful business.

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Founding “mompreneurs” motivated by desire to improve mom

well being and economics.

Just like a baby needs 9 months to grow in vitro, there is a new online community that will help make life a little easier that also took 9 months to develop. Pretty fitting since the founders are both moms. Announcing the birth of GetOutMoms.com, a site that allows you to hire a quality local mom for a wide range of short-term tasks or projects. Driven by zip code, women post the skills they are offering and also identify their desired schedules, rates, and how far they are willing to travel. Other moms (and busy people in general) post tasks they’d like to hire out or get help with, and the site allows the tow to connect.

“We have made it extremely easy and we also thought about the importance of security, so we have features, in place that are associated with each user’s profile.” “Knowing the importance of mom networking and word of mouth advertising, members provided testimonials and earn ratings once a particular task or job is complete,” said Stacie Copsill, Co –Founder.

Moms simply need to go to www.GetOutMom.com and they can browse postings of both skills offered and help needed. GetOutMom.com offers a free month trial period and is currently running early bird membership specials that will only set you back about $2-$3 a month, a small price to pay compared to the money you’ll save by hiring reasonably priced moms, or earn if you ‘re working.

To find out more or browse the wide of current postings, please go to www.GetOutMoms.com , or contact Dana Mullin, Marketing and Communications Manager, at dana@getoutmom.com

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Motivated Independent sales agents needed for a national Wall Stret compnay.  Individuals needed that are self starters, coachable and high energy. This compnay is experiencing  explosive growth and requires new agents.  To find out if you this is the right fit call 2 min info line 800-348-7996 and visit www.wirelesspayout4u.com.

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For Immediate Release

For additional information contact Today’s Consulting, 317-563-1360 or TodaysConsulting@ymail.com

Business Women Connect began with one woman, Linda Rendleman, making a commitment to her passion for bringing women together to share their passions and dreams, their resources and educations, and their wish for collaboration. She started with a simple website in 2001, but at that point the concept of being online was not well understood. Linda pushed on; even a bout with cancer didn’t deter her from her purpose.  Using traditional means such as creating her own radio, television shows, dynamic face to face meetings, and online learning, she pointed the way for women in her community to “connect” with each other. Linda has received recognition and numerous awards for her extraordinary speaking and writing abilities. Linda was honored by the Indiana Commission for Women in 2008 as a Torchbearer Recipient for leading and inspiring women to create a greater balance, fulfillment, and quality of their lives.

Today Business Women Connect is an award winning women’s networking company named the number one Networking Company in Central Indiana fives years in a row by the Indianapolis Business Journal. Business Women Connect (BWC) has developed its philosophy for global outreach through online mentoring programs, BWC TeleInterviews, educational articles, E-Books and more. Business and professional women everywhere have the opportunity to gain knowledge and become the best they can be through the interactive website. The website currently has over 6,000 subscribers and BWC is offering chapters for expansion into new markets through out the United States and Internationally.

Linda Rendleman, President and Founder of Business Women Connect Inc., believes that the time is right to expand the company. BWC Inc. is searching for a managing partner to lead this international expansion of the company.   If you have a passion for empowering women, are an entrepreneur and are looking for a new investment, read on. A qualified candidate is experienced in public speaking, sales, event planning, and social media. Other skills required are good writing & communication skills, an open understanding of the importance of collaboration, a desire to work on their own time, have a passion for unlimited income, willing to invest financially in BWC Inc. and are driven to succeed.  Most importantly, the ideal candidate should want to be part of a business with the goal of collaboration and development of empowering women in their business.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Ron Sukenick at 317-216-8210 or email him at rs@ronsukenick.com.

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