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Business Giving After Dark

Indianapolis, IN– Many small businesses have challenges, but one of the most frequent is how do I grow my business locally and on a small budget. This is a challenge that can be conquered by attending networking events. This is not a new concept: networking is more than just meeting and passing cards. Networking is also the art of giving to one another. Many people think networking is about collecting business cards and making sales. That is not the case. The best networking is when a relationship between you and the other person have been established. “While networking is typically is viewed as a low-cost option for marketing, it does require a great deal of discipline and hard work to build the kind of business opportunities one desires.” said Ron Sukenick, Relationship Strategies Institute and Gold Star Regional Director.
Based on the idea of building relationships, supporting local business and economy, we are proud to announce the 5th in the series of 6 networking events! Business Giving After Dark will be held July 28th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at The Venue Conference Center. The Venue is located at 5110 W. Pike Plaza Road, Indianapolis. This event has brought 6 different organizations together to network and build relationships: Business Women Connect, Zionsville Chamber of Commerce, Gold Star Referral Groups, Franklin Township Chamber of Commerce, Lafayette Square Coalition, and the Indiana State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. , “We are thrilled to announce the partnership with all of these great groups. We look forward to the largest networking event yet!” Ron Sukenick, “Indiana State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is excited to connect with others in both our local and extended local area through this event”. Russ Dodge, Board Member
Everyone is welcome across Indianapolis to attend this event. “It is a pleasure to be hosting this event at The Venue; we want to help connect businesses and grow our local economy. What a great opportunity to connect.” John Schaeffer, The Venue Conference Center and IPA Productions. Come out and share your business and learn about other local businesses. If you are interested in learning more about this event you can find complete details and tickets at http://www.BusinessGivingEvents.com .


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Business cards are an important part of a business. Some people put great thought into their cards and others have just thrown the information on a card. This is many times the first impression that someone has of your business and you.  What does you business cards say? Here are some tips I have to help give a professional impression.
  • Don’t fill up your card on both sides.  When you fill up the card on both sides it does not leave a space  for people to take notes on. Send to your website, put a QR code on it or just set up a time to share what you do.
  • Don’t have glossy on both sides. The glossy does not allow people to write on your card. When I am networking events, I often make notes about our conversation, locations, etc.
  • Make it readable. This may seem like a simple idea, but not everyone can read the small print. Stagger the sizes and make sure it is readable, especially your contact information. Try to stay away from fonts that make it hard to read.
  • Vistaprint cards- They do a great job of giving out free cards, but you want to show people you are serious and in business.  The first impression it gives me is that is a “part time” business and may not be a serious business. I realize that this impression can be wrong, however that has been my experience. There are many other options that are available for a comparable cost. You can usually get 500 cards for 20-30 dollars. You can also print them at home from your computer. One of the issues I often have is I recognize cards by design and Vistaprint often have similar designs that are used often so you are not unique. As a business, no matter what you do, you are unique. That is why you are in business.
  • QR codes– I suggest you put a QR code on your business card. Many more people are using smartphones and starting to utilize this function of their phones. If you are unsure what a QR code is, please visit my blog post on QR codes.
  • Please make sure all of your contact information is up to date. When you are going to a networking event, please have your new cards. Many times I am not able to read the writing or the updates. My suggestion is if you have to make a change, please use a label. This will allow everyone to be able to read what you wrote.
These are just a few of the suggestions for a professional card. Please share your suggestions below. I look forward to comments.
Becky Homko is a marketing and virtual assistant with Today’s Consulting.

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This is a question that I get quite often, so I wanted to share just a few of the answers here in my blog.

As an assistant we can do a variety of things, but our most important job is to help you make money. That is really the main goal at Today‘s Consulting. We realize that it takes time to cultivate relationships with your future and present clients. This is time that does not always immediately produce income. At Today’s Consulting, we help you with those tasks so you can be out producing the income. Think of a virtual assistant as a another player on your team.  Why do you hire a lawyer? Probably because it is less expensive to pay them for their time then to go and research the information or procedures yourself.

Many business owners, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs are trying to use their money wisely.  One way that they can do this is by partnering with a marketing or virtual assistant.  It takes time to send cards, post messages online, keep up to date with trends and more. Now these are all things that an owner or manager can do, but is it time well spent? Most of the time, no.  If that same person was out speaking to customers and potential clients they would be more profitable.  There are many great items that are free to use for marketing; the only cost is your time. Sometimes time is the biggest cost that you are not aware of.  This is something that is often overlooked by those who are looking too closely at their pennies. What is the old saying “Penny wise but dollar foolish”!

We also need to be selling to grow our business. I know that this is vital to me and many other businesses.  That is why it is important to hire someone who understands you and your business needs.  So what can a marketing and virtual assistant do for you? We can help you in a variety of ways. We could write a whole long list of items, but it is best to have a conversation to help identify the areas that someone may need support. However I will give you a few ideas below.

  • Thank you cards, Greeting Cards, Holiday Cards– How many times have you wanted to send something after meeting someone.  Let’s not forget about those personal occasions that seem to sneak up on us. We can help.
  • Contact ManagementHow many of you have a business card file book and/or stacks of businesses lying around you office waiting to be organized. We can help.
  • Small or Large Projects How about the mailing you want to get done, but never seem to get all the details together, quotes, etc.
  • Event Planner You have wanted to do a customer appreciation or maybe a grand opening celebration.  We can help.
  • Social Media We all know that there are some great resources for social media, but do you have time to keep up with the trends, technology or just posting in general? We can help.
  • Website – Your business does not have a website or maybe one that needs updated information posted. We can help.
  • Press Releases/Media – Do you have a new product or service? Have you done some great things in your community? People want to know. We can help.

These are just a few of the areas we can help. So call and find out how a marketing and virtual assistant can help you make more money and have a successful business.

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Founding “mompreneurs” motivated by desire to improve mom

well being and economics.

Just like a baby needs 9 months to grow in vitro, there is a new online community that will help make life a little easier that also took 9 months to develop. Pretty fitting since the founders are both moms. Announcing the birth of GetOutMoms.com, a site that allows you to hire a quality local mom for a wide range of short-term tasks or projects. Driven by zip code, women post the skills they are offering and also identify their desired schedules, rates, and how far they are willing to travel. Other moms (and busy people in general) post tasks they’d like to hire out or get help with, and the site allows the tow to connect.

“We have made it extremely easy and we also thought about the importance of security, so we have features, in place that are associated with each user’s profile.” “Knowing the importance of mom networking and word of mouth advertising, members provided testimonials and earn ratings once a particular task or job is complete,” said Stacie Copsill, Co –Founder.

Moms simply need to go to www.GetOutMom.com and they can browse postings of both skills offered and help needed. GetOutMom.com offers a free month trial period and is currently running early bird membership specials that will only set you back about $2-$3 a month, a small price to pay compared to the money you’ll save by hiring reasonably priced moms, or earn if you ‘re working.

To find out more or browse the wide of current postings, please go to www.GetOutMoms.com , or contact Dana Mullin, Marketing and Communications Manager, at dana@getoutmom.com

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QR codes!? What are they and why should I care?

You may of heard of these or maybe you have just seen those silly little black and white squares on things? QR codes are the latest item to be used in marketing to the consumer. QR codes are these UPC type looking codes. Here is an example:

Scan This With Your QR Reader or Bar Code Scanner

Take a moment and scan this QR code. All you need is a QR reader or a bar code reader on your phone, ipod or tablet. There are many different readers that are available. Many are Free to download from ITunes or Android Market. They all each have a different way that you can share or store the information read from the QR code. So may have to try a few to find the one that works best for you and your phone.

What did you download?

The QR you scanned had all my contact information. I actually use this now on my business cards as well as having the information printed on the card.  This allows me to introduce the idea to others in my community. Some are aware of them and others are not. But it is a great ice breaker and also an example of how I can help them in their business. QR codes are a part of the services that my company offers. Having my QR code has also made me a memorable meet at networking events.

Another way to share your information with potential clients. This can be used in print or even online.

What can you have in a QR code?

You can have a variety of things including but not limited to a link to a video, business card, coupon, PayPal Link and more. As you can see I created one to my Linked In Profile. There are many different types of QR codes out there. Some require a large amount of money to produce and others are not. As with many new technologies there are different levels of use and creation.

Scan This! Just another example of how you can use a QR code!

How can I use QR code in my business?

The QR code is versatile for a variety ways of marketing. Take a moment and look around at advertisements, you will see the QR code being used my national brands. Use your phone and see how they are using, this how it can be used for your business. Did you notice there is a coupon in my QR?

Are QR codes going to last?

This is a question that is often asked of all technology. We never know for sure, but they have been in use since the 90’s. They are just now becoming more mainstream with the use of smart phones and code scanners available to the consumer.

How much does it cost to create and implement a QR code in my business?

The creation and implementation of QR codes can be cost effective for your business. As I mentioned before there are different levels of investment for QR codes. Just think about if you received one client from this technology would it pay for it self? That is questions that needs to be addressed by your business. However businesses each day make the decision to create and implement the code. The marketing that I am receiving from others is starting to include a QR code. What a great way to put information out in a small area. Great to insert in my print pieces to direct customers to information.

If you are interested in having a QR created for your business you can contact us at Today’s Consulting and we would be glad to help you.

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Thank you

My family would like to take a moment and Thank our military past, present and future. You service is appreciated and honored. We love and support you. God Bless America!

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Networking Tip!

Networking Tip from a friend: Laura Wells When you meet someone, especially at networking events, give enough of yourself to allow others to not only get to know your products but most importantly, to get to know YOU. It is then and only then that you will create the most powerful element for your business growth — friendships.

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