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Business cards are an important part of a business. Some people put great thought into their cards and others have just thrown the information on a card. This is many times the first impression that someone has of your business and you.  What does you business cards say? Here are some tips I have to help give a professional impression.
  • Don’t fill up your card on both sides.  When you fill up the card on both sides it does not leave a space  for people to take notes on. Send to your website, put a QR code on it or just set up a time to share what you do.
  • Don’t have glossy on both sides. The glossy does not allow people to write on your card. When I am networking events, I often make notes about our conversation, locations, etc.
  • Make it readable. This may seem like a simple idea, but not everyone can read the small print. Stagger the sizes and make sure it is readable, especially your contact information. Try to stay away from fonts that make it hard to read.
  • Vistaprint cards- They do a great job of giving out free cards, but you want to show people you are serious and in business.  The first impression it gives me is that is a “part time” business and may not be a serious business. I realize that this impression can be wrong, however that has been my experience. There are many other options that are available for a comparable cost. You can usually get 500 cards for 20-30 dollars. You can also print them at home from your computer. One of the issues I often have is I recognize cards by design and Vistaprint often have similar designs that are used often so you are not unique. As a business, no matter what you do, you are unique. That is why you are in business.
  • QR codes– I suggest you put a QR code on your business card. Many more people are using smartphones and starting to utilize this function of their phones. If you are unsure what a QR code is, please visit my blog post on QR codes.
  • Please make sure all of your contact information is up to date. When you are going to a networking event, please have your new cards. Many times I am not able to read the writing or the updates. My suggestion is if you have to make a change, please use a label. This will allow everyone to be able to read what you wrote.
These are just a few of the suggestions for a professional card. Please share your suggestions below. I look forward to comments.
Becky Homko is a marketing and virtual assistant with Today’s Consulting.

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