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Business Giving After Dark

Indianapolis, IN– Many small businesses have challenges, but one of the most frequent is how do I grow my business locally and on a small budget. This is a challenge that can be conquered by attending networking events. This is not a new concept: networking is more than just meeting and passing cards. Networking is also the art of giving to one another. Many people think networking is about collecting business cards and making sales. That is not the case. The best networking is when a relationship between you and the other person have been established. “While networking is typically is viewed as a low-cost option for marketing, it does require a great deal of discipline and hard work to build the kind of business opportunities one desires.” said Ron Sukenick, Relationship Strategies Institute and Gold Star Regional Director.
Based on the idea of building relationships, supporting local business and economy, we are proud to announce the 5th in the series of 6 networking events! Business Giving After Dark will be held July 28th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at The Venue Conference Center. The Venue is located at 5110 W. Pike Plaza Road, Indianapolis. This event has brought 6 different organizations together to network and build relationships: Business Women Connect, Zionsville Chamber of Commerce, Gold Star Referral Groups, Franklin Township Chamber of Commerce, Lafayette Square Coalition, and the Indiana State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. , “We are thrilled to announce the partnership with all of these great groups. We look forward to the largest networking event yet!” Ron Sukenick, “Indiana State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is excited to connect with others in both our local and extended local area through this event”. Russ Dodge, Board Member
Everyone is welcome across Indianapolis to attend this event. “It is a pleasure to be hosting this event at The Venue; we want to help connect businesses and grow our local economy. What a great opportunity to connect.” John Schaeffer, The Venue Conference Center and IPA Productions. Come out and share your business and learn about other local businesses. If you are interested in learning more about this event you can find complete details and tickets at http://www.BusinessGivingEvents.com .


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