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Founding “mompreneurs” motivated by desire to improve mom

well being and economics.

Just like a baby needs 9 months to grow in vitro, there is a new online community that will help make life a little easier that also took 9 months to develop. Pretty fitting since the founders are both moms. Announcing the birth of GetOutMoms.com, a site that allows you to hire a quality local mom for a wide range of short-term tasks or projects. Driven by zip code, women post the skills they are offering and also identify their desired schedules, rates, and how far they are willing to travel. Other moms (and busy people in general) post tasks they’d like to hire out or get help with, and the site allows the tow to connect.

“We have made it extremely easy and we also thought about the importance of security, so we have features, in place that are associated with each user’s profile.” “Knowing the importance of mom networking and word of mouth advertising, members provided testimonials and earn ratings once a particular task or job is complete,” said Stacie Copsill, Co –Founder.

Moms simply need to go to www.GetOutMom.com and they can browse postings of both skills offered and help needed. GetOutMom.com offers a free month trial period and is currently running early bird membership specials that will only set you back about $2-$3 a month, a small price to pay compared to the money you’ll save by hiring reasonably priced moms, or earn if you ‘re working.

To find out more or browse the wide of current postings, please go to www.GetOutMoms.com , or contact Dana Mullin, Marketing and Communications Manager, at dana@getoutmom.com


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