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Business cards are an important part of a business. Some people put great thought into their cards and others have just thrown the information on a card. This is many times the first impression that someone has of your business and you.  What does you business cards say? Here are some tips I have to help give a professional impression.
  • Don’t fill up your card on both sides.  When you fill up the card on both sides it does not leave a space  for people to take notes on. Send to your website, put a QR code on it or just set up a time to share what you do.
  • Don’t have glossy on both sides. The glossy does not allow people to write on your card. When I am networking events, I often make notes about our conversation, locations, etc.
  • Make it readable. This may seem like a simple idea, but not everyone can read the small print. Stagger the sizes and make sure it is readable, especially your contact information. Try to stay away from fonts that make it hard to read.
  • Vistaprint cards- They do a great job of giving out free cards, but you want to show people you are serious and in business.  The first impression it gives me is that is a “part time” business and may not be a serious business. I realize that this impression can be wrong, however that has been my experience. There are many other options that are available for a comparable cost. You can usually get 500 cards for 20-30 dollars. You can also print them at home from your computer. One of the issues I often have is I recognize cards by design and Vistaprint often have similar designs that are used often so you are not unique. As a business, no matter what you do, you are unique. That is why you are in business.
  • QR codes– I suggest you put a QR code on your business card. Many more people are using smartphones and starting to utilize this function of their phones. If you are unsure what a QR code is, please visit my blog post on QR codes.
  • Please make sure all of your contact information is up to date. When you are going to a networking event, please have your new cards. Many times I am not able to read the writing or the updates. My suggestion is if you have to make a change, please use a label. This will allow everyone to be able to read what you wrote.
These are just a few of the suggestions for a professional card. Please share your suggestions below. I look forward to comments.
Becky Homko is a marketing and virtual assistant with Today’s Consulting.

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SALT LAKE CITY––SendOutCards® today introduced Video Cards, the next generation of greeting cards that uses video, web 2.0, smartphone technology and traditional, printed greeting cards as an enhanced way to change lives one card at a time.

“Our unique online system allows you to create and send physical greeting cards without ever leaving your house. We are light years ahead of any competition and Video Cards is one more example of this.”

Through SendOutCards’ online system, Video Cards feature the ability to generate and add a QR Code (Quick Response Code) to any postcard, 2-panel, 3-panel or BIG Card. In a matter of seconds, a paper greeting card can become an interactive Video Card.

The card recipient uses a QR Reader app on a smartphone to scan the code. They are then taken to a personalized video that the card sender has created and hosted online. The Video Card also generates a URL along with the QR Codes that can be easily typed in a web address bar to find the online video.

Greeting cards are about celebrating life! The Video Card not only meets this purpose, it sets a new standard for printed greeting cards by bringing them to life,” said Kody Bateman, SendOutCards’ Founder and CEO. “Our unique online system allows you to create and send physical greeting cards without ever leaving your house. We are light years ahead of any competition and Video Cards is one more example of this.”

While QR Codes have been used primarily as a marketing tool, SendOutCards is pioneering this technology via Video Cards as a life-changing tool.

Video Cards passed a rigorous BETA testing process, which included hundreds of testers, testing hours and cards created. If interested in learning more go to http://www.Cards-4-All.com  and learn more about Send Out Cards.

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QR codes!? What are they and why should I care?

You may of heard of these or maybe you have just seen those silly little black and white squares on things? QR codes are the latest item to be used in marketing to the consumer. QR codes are these UPC type looking codes. Here is an example:

Scan This With Your QR Reader or Bar Code Scanner

Take a moment and scan this QR code. All you need is a QR reader or a bar code reader on your phone, ipod or tablet. There are many different readers that are available. Many are Free to download from ITunes or Android Market. They all each have a different way that you can share or store the information read from the QR code. So may have to try a few to find the one that works best for you and your phone.

What did you download?

The QR you scanned had all my contact information. I actually use this now on my business cards as well as having the information printed on the card.  This allows me to introduce the idea to others in my community. Some are aware of them and others are not. But it is a great ice breaker and also an example of how I can help them in their business. QR codes are a part of the services that my company offers. Having my QR code has also made me a memorable meet at networking events.

Another way to share your information with potential clients. This can be used in print or even online.

What can you have in a QR code?

You can have a variety of things including but not limited to a link to a video, business card, coupon, PayPal Link and more. As you can see I created one to my Linked In Profile. There are many different types of QR codes out there. Some require a large amount of money to produce and others are not. As with many new technologies there are different levels of use and creation.

Scan This! Just another example of how you can use a QR code!

How can I use QR code in my business?

The QR code is versatile for a variety ways of marketing. Take a moment and look around at advertisements, you will see the QR code being used my national brands. Use your phone and see how they are using, this how it can be used for your business. Did you notice there is a coupon in my QR?

Are QR codes going to last?

This is a question that is often asked of all technology. We never know for sure, but they have been in use since the 90’s. They are just now becoming more mainstream with the use of smart phones and code scanners available to the consumer.

How much does it cost to create and implement a QR code in my business?

The creation and implementation of QR codes can be cost effective for your business. As I mentioned before there are different levels of investment for QR codes. Just think about if you received one client from this technology would it pay for it self? That is questions that needs to be addressed by your business. However businesses each day make the decision to create and implement the code. The marketing that I am receiving from others is starting to include a QR code. What a great way to put information out in a small area. Great to insert in my print pieces to direct customers to information.

If you are interested in having a QR created for your business you can contact us at Today’s Consulting and we would be glad to help you.

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